Care for the skin you’re in

Society is developing an awareness for how important it is to prioritise wellbeing, presenting us all with a challenge to make time for ourselves. It is vital for everyone to nurture their physical, emotional and mental health, as otherwise, we are likely to experience a burnout.

Hectic lifestyles can often prevent people from taking time to focus on relaxation. We often juggle numerous demands both physically and emotionally on a daily basis. This pressure impacts the physical body, then tension in the body impacts muscular function and the skin mirrors the internal stresses the body is holding.

The skin is the largest living organ and it is essential we maintain its functions. Combining skin health with relaxation is the perfect partnership. Facial massage treatments encourage the function of the skin and specialist facials will improve the physical appearance of stresses in the complexion.

However, we often come up against barriers to facilitate this investment in wellbeing. Utilising an at home spa and beauty service is an easy solution. Why not remove the complexity of searching for an available appointment and then travelling to and from the venue, which ultimately means leaving your home comforts for much needed “me” time?

Best Face Forward

The face is how we present ourselves to the world. Stresses, strains and poor sleep negatively impact on the complexion. The combination of specific product application and therapeutic massage techniques used during facial treatments has the following benefits:

  • Relax the muscles that tend to cause stress lines
  • improve circulation aiding product absorption
  • reduce congestion
  • increase cellular activity

All of these elements combined produces a clearer and more radiant complexion.

The benefit of experiencing facial treatments in the comfort of your home enhances relaxation. There is no necessity to reapply make up or battle the elements with travel. You can just relax and let your Me Time Expert use their skills to nourish your skin.