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Why to Get a Full Body Massage in Nottingham

City life can sometimes be overwhelming when it involves the daily stresses of commuting, fast moving social scenes and juggling work and home, family and friends.
All of this can become tiring, and it can eventually burn you out. If you don’t find some time for yourself, the stress of a jam packed diary can be bad for you and the people around you.
One of the most immediate and well-known methods of pushing stress away in a city like Nottingham is getting a full body massage. Even if you can only spare an hour before you’re caught up again in the world’s craziness, that one hour can turn out to be heavenly and do wonders for your mind as well as your body.
A good home massage in Nottingham is ideal for busy individuals who fine it easier to receive a service at their convenience and in their home comforts. Our massages are designed to give an emotional, physical, and mental boost to aid all round wellness.
Your Me Time Massage will be customised based on what you tell us during your consultation to create a bespoke and restorative spa experience. Let your Me Time Spa Therapist lead you to mental and physical relaxation in the most soothing way possible.


Back, Neck & Shoulders

Most popular!

A customised massage routine focusing on the back and upper body to release tension 

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Full Body

The works!

Using massage techniques from the neck to the ankles tailored to you and your desired results

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Targeted Areas

Alleviate pains

To deeply work into the muscles, focus on problem areas and reduce tension 

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